Florida Rules of Civil Procedure Form 1.909 – Distress

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To the Sheriff of ……………….. County, Florida:

YOU ARE COMMANDED to serve this writ and a copy of the complaint on defendant ….

This distress writ subjects all property liable to distress for rent on the following property in …. County, Florida:

(describe property)

Each defendant is enjoined from damaging, disposing of, secreting, or removing any property liable to be distrained from the rented real property after the time of service of this writ until the sheriff levies on the property or this writ is vacated or the court otherwise orders. If a defendant does not move for dissolution of the writ, the court may order the sheriff to levy on the property liable to distress forthwith after 20 days from the time the complaint in this action is served. The amount claimed in the complaint is the sum of $………. with interest and costs.

DATED on …………….



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